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This evening KC was showing off her best moves in the dining room so naturally I jumped for my camera to get some pics. When I went back to look at the pictures my first thought was, “I wish that glass door wasn’t so smudgy in the back ground.” I’d wiped it down earlier in the day because the girls love to decorate it with window markers. Clearly I’d only smeared the color around though. I couldn’t believe how messy it looked. About five minutes later my oldest came through the room and thanked me for cleaning off her work space. I joked that I’d obviously wiped that glass clean just to be colored on again but it got me thinking. It’s funny how I saw a total mess when I looked at that glass but my six year old excitedly saw it as a new opportunity. All she saw was a clean slate for whatever her newest masterpiece may be. I went back and looked over this photo again trying to implement her perspective. This time all I saw a cute little girl (with cute little piggies, itty bitty Keds and our favorite hand-me-down Beatles shirt) who was swaying and clapping her heart out to T-Swift. No background distractions. No smudgy mirror. Just a precious opportunity. A reminder to block out all the back ground distractions and refocus on the beauty of the little opportunity right in front of me. No matter how messy things may seem, there’s always another perspective. Today, I think I needed this reminder that “All You Need Is Love,” and maybe some good music to go along with it.IMG_0392