In November we took a quick family trip to Disney. It had been a couple months since we’d last visited and KC has really started to appreciate park days more so we were excited to get back. The big girls are finally tall enough to ride most rides now so we are always giddy selecting fast passes and claiming which ride we will take the big girls on while the other sits with KC. After our usual whole family flying ride on Dumbo we wondered over toward the kiddie Goofy coaster next door but this time was a little different. KC was really expressing her desire to ride this ride too as she saw young, smiling kids running off the exit ramp to get back in line again. She was ok with moving on but it kind of hit me that while mentally she’s constantly developing, physically things are moving a little slower. She’s extra petite in size. She’s about the size of an average one year. Most 3 year olds around 37 inches. The height requirement for this specific ride is 35 in which means she will likely be waiting a couple more years to experience this kiddie ride. While this is obviously such a small thing, I was a little bummed for her as I fully thought about how this will be a continuous thing. In my mind, It almost seemed better if she didn’t understand. Again, not a big deal in the grand scheme but it’s something that our family enjoys doing together and we were in the moment so I internalized it and wondered how soon the magic of this place would be wearing off for us and for how long It would be gone. 

We wondered over to another area to use the big girls Space Mountain fast passes next and I waited nearby with KC where we watched an ongoing Incredibles dance party that we’d stopped by earlier in the day for some fun. It didn’t take her long to run over to rejoin the fun. KC was having a blast dancing to the music and watching the characters mingle through the crowd. One of the cast members noticed KC almost immediately and walked over to an Incredible to direct them to her. KC danced and danced and danced her heart out. She was having the time of her life in a way she truly enjoyed and my hope in our Disney World magic was slowly being restored. Mrs incredible also got eye level with KC to danced in her way. Mr. incredible and frozone got down on the ground and played A high five/pound game with her. After this my thoughts shifted to maybe daddy and I will be taking turns on rides for years to come while the other sits out with KC but that doesn’t mean the fun and magic has to stop. We were ready to leave the party beaming with Disney spirits revived. But then came the moment they went above and beyond in true Disney fashion. As if the 5 minutes of video of KC dancing with the characters that shes watched back a million times since isn’t enough, as we were heading back to find our group, the cast member that initiated the fun stopped us and commented about how she really seems to like the characters then he said they’d really like to do a private meet and greet with her if she’d be interested. 

So during the middle of this dance party, we were taken behind stage to meet these 3 sweet characters. They were all down on her level once again and she spent at least 5 more minutes closely examining her newest friends and covering them in hugs in kisses. it was truly an Incredible moment and they’ll never know how it uplifted my slightly saddened, pouting spirit. A single employee determined to give us an unforgettable experience and he did just that. I wish I’d taken the time to write down his name.  Three months later and KC still asks to watch those videos and hold a picture from that private meet. The truth is that not every piece of being created with an extra chromosome brings unicorns and rainbows but that extra sure has made for some unforgettable, and in this case magical, moments.