In the early stages of receiving KC’s diagnosis, I think a difficult piece to process was feeling like she’d lost her independence particularly in her adulthood. We now pictured her adulthood looking exactly like our lives looked rather than it being her own. Surely she’d finish some form of schooling but then we’d just be taking care for her for the rest of our lives. Maybe occasionally we would travel or something and her sisters would then take a turn looking out for her but I wasn’t able to picture her having a say so and a complete life of her own.
Y’all know we have ALWAYS loved her with our whole hearts – all 47 chromosomes included – but I’ll be real and say this thought was a little discouraging. I felt like down syndrome had stolen her future before it even began.
After KC was born and we’ve been given this incredible opportunity to watch her develop and grow into her own little person it really became abundantly clear that the limits put on her future came from my own ignorance about her diagnosis.
Maybe she will go to college, start her own business, teach in a classroom, become an actress, live on her own, fall in love and get married or maybe she’ll do a thousand other things entirely different than anything I just named. Maybe she’ll even choose to just stay home. My point is that she has an endless list of opportunities awaiting her and she shows me every single day how truly capable she is. Some might even say she just enjoys proving me wrong. ☺️

While the lives of 6 young adults can’t speak for an entire community of individuals, it can paint a really promising picture for our future. Down syndrome is not at all what I thought it was going to be and I think if you watched this show you’ll find yourself delighted as well. Whether you know someone with Down syndrome personally or just our KC from this page, Born This Way on A&E will help you appreciate that just like you and I, people with an extra chromosome have the same hopes, desires, dreams and goals as any other young adult. The show doesn’t make Down syndrome appear falsely perfect. Life in general is anything but perfect for all of us. And just like anyone else is capable of experiencing these things, you’ll see some of the struggles with self acceptance, relationships, careers and even the process of learning to let go as a parent and allowing your children to figure out life as a young, independent adult. My heart is encouraged for KCs future each and every time I watch. And I want to be clear, the individuals on this show encourage me greatly but equally as encouraging is watching the interactions between their family and other “typical” peers they encountered each day. Inclusion and acceptance are beautiful things to watch. It’s so important for us to see beyond a diagnosis and see the individual right in fronts of us. We would love for you to watch and be encouraged with along with us on Tuesday, July 26th on A&E. Let us know what you think!
Also, for parents of those with a little with an extra chromie, check out last weeks post for my interview with one of the cast members parents. Its full of great insight and resources!