So, I saw this trailer for the upcoming movie GREATER (releases August 26th) and I felt so moved by Brandon’s story.

One of the things about having an extra chromosome requires that KC works a little harder to accomplish things that may come easily to the rest of us. Thankfully she is a very determined little girl but there are some things determination alone can’t conquer. There are skills that require guidance and practice and coaching for her to master.

One time KC was working in one of her sessions on a new skill. The instructor made several attempts to model what she wanted KC to do but it wasn’t clicking for KC. The instructor looked at me and said, “she just can’t understand this, can she?” I, being a super sensitive momma bear of a kiddo with special needs working her tail off to keep up, had my feelings hurt. The comment wasn’t meant to be rude or hurtful or ugly but it just didn’t sit right with me.

The next week I was at another session with KC with a different instructor and I mentioned the encounter. I’ll never forget what she said back, “She just hasn’t understood it YET. KC simply needs it taught in another way.” She then offered several suggestions and within a week KC had completely mastered this new skill. She was right though. KC was not understanding what was being modeled for her but that didn’t meant she wasn’t capable of learning this new skill. It simply meant she wasn’t learning in that way and needed a new model.

Its an amazing thing to watch how the positive influence of one person can change everything. While the skill that KC mastered was not something earth shattering that will get KC into college at age 3 or qualify her the Olympics, it has completely and permanently changed my perspective on her education. It’s challenged me to constantly seek new ways to help her grasp a new concept. When KC works with someone new I am quick to tell them that she is an excellent learner with a great memory and then leave the ball in their court knowing that we expect her to learn and we expect the instructor to find the right way to teach her.

I love that in Brandon’s story, it took his determination along with the positive influence of  someone else to push him all the way to reaching his dream of playing in the NFL. It reminds of the power and weight of our words. It shows up how easily we can give someone the right push in the right direction to carry them to reach their full potential. It encourages me to always keep pushing my girls to achieve their goals with the hopes that they are cheerleaders to others along the way.

From one of KCs favorite Sesame Street Songs 🙂 The Power of Yet