We are just a few weeks away from KC’s 4th birthday and social media keeps reminding me about a trip we took just two weeks before she was born. It was our middle daughter’s birthday week and we’d had a family trip to see The Mouse planned. I was about 7 months pregnant with KC and we had a high risk doctor appointment scheduled just a couple days before we were scheduled to leave. The appointment was awful. What we excepted to be a quick scan turned into a “she needs to come out now,” and then back to a “lets give her just a little more time because she likely won’t make it now.” It was a rollercoaster of an appointment to say the least. We did get permission to go on the trip as planned but obviously felt an overall sense of fear and defeat. We were determined to try and have a good time celebrating our middle love and keep a positive attitude. We had no idea what our week would look like when we returned and we determined that this trip should be joyous. We prayed a lot in those next couple days before we left. I remember praying a lot for a good attitude. It was hard to smile through the pain but I remember while praying one of those days a song by Hillsong called Healer popped into my mind.

I love that our minds were created in such a way that we can connect with a song no matter how long its been since we last heard it and recall all of the lyrics and it feels likes it speaks directly to us.  Music can speak to us in such a unique way. In the song they sing about Christ being our healer and while it mentions Him being the healer of our disease, which absolutely was my prayer for KC’s imperfect heart, it also talks about trusting Him because he is more than enough. I found so much comfort in replaying that song in my mind during that tough week. I didn’t know how KC’s story would play out. I prayed He was healing her fragile heart while I carried her in my womb even though all statistics said impossible. But, I had so much comfort in knowing He is also my healer and trusting in Him meant it could eventually be my broken heart that needed the healing.

A friend that has been working with Hillsong’s new movie being released tomorrow (Sept 16th, my middle’s birthday!!!) sent me the soundtrack to Let Hope Rise. It is amazing and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I can’t wait to watch the movie. I can’t wait to  I can’t wait to discover what speaks to my heart next.

What song God placed on your heart  in a time of need?