So, KC’s standard testing results came back recently. I clearly remember the day my big girls brought theirs home from VPK. I remember their scores being a source of pride. They’d each done a great job and it felt, in part, that their results were a reflection of my hard work preparing them for their school careers.

However, I immediately felt teary as I reached for KC’s envelope. I was sure the results were going to sting just a little. I know how hard we’ve worked to get to this point and I know how smart she is but something about seeing on paper how she measures to someone else’s “typical” standards made me anxious. I read through her other testing papers first and her teacher was kind and thoughtful enough to write littles notes here and there in the areas that KC did really well. Seeing those little victories immediately began to diffuse some tension. Overall she did great but my favorite moment was a personal message from her amazing teacher. She reminded me that Exceeding academic Expectations is, “not an essential life skill.” But rather love and kindness and empathy even towards those that aren’t choosing kindness matter most and her words, “in these areas KC is off the charts,” gave me that truest amount of pride that I think a parent could possibly ever feel.

I had a good time laughing at myself and the pride I had felt in my big girls test scores. It was equally funny that I was celebrating scores for K that I’m certain I wouldn’t have celebrated for my other two. It was also a really important reality check on the pressure I sometimes put on my kids to perform well in areas that matter the least. We are surely blessed with incredible teachers. I’m learning so much this year am I’m always so thankful for the amazing people KC brings to her team and into our lives.

Also, VPK pictures are in! 😍😍😍